Holbox, Riviera Maya

Do you want to know what to do in Holbox, Mexico? We bring you 12 useful ideas here so you can get to know this pearl of the Caribbean.

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Swim with the whale shark in Holbox

This is perhaps one of the most magical experiences that Holbox Island can give you. In a few places and moments of the world you have the opportunity to swim with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark, up to 20 meters in length.

This activity can only be done when the shark visits to the island, from May to September. The excursion leaves the Island and lasts 1 to 2 hours until reaching the main protagonist of the tour. During the boat tour, you will also see turtles, giant blankets, dolphins and many other species.

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Learn about bioluminescence

Bioluminescence is an impressive natural phenomenon in which small organisms in the sea produce light through chemical processes. The result? The sea is illuminated with thousands of tiny phosphorescent lights.

The best time of the year to observe this incredible natural phenomenon of Holbox is in June, July, August and September. It is important that there is no external light source and that it is not a full moon night.

To enjoy the bioluminescence of Holbox, you just have to enter the sea and start swimming or shake your arms and legs . In moments you will begin to see the peculiar light, accompanied by a sky covered with stars.

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Take a kayak ride through the Holbox mangrove forest

Tour the virgin Holbox mangroves on a 2-hour kayak ride. It is one of the most exciting experiences you can do on the island. And, because it is an excursion without motors, you can listen and visualize various birds. There is even a chance to see crocodiles!

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Take a tour of the three islands from Holbox

One of the most popular boat trips is the 3 islands tour. With this walk you will be able to know the hundreds of birds of Isla Pájaros, snorkel in the cenote of Yalahau and end the day in the paradise Island of the Passion. With any luck you can see dolphins and manta rays from your boat. If you go to Holbox, you cannot miss this excursion.

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Enjoy a unique sunset in Holbox

In Holbox you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world. The infinite sky - as if it were emulating the flamingos - is dyed pink, being able to remain this color for hours. Therefore, when the time comes for sunset, find your place on the beach and sit on the sand to enjoy the magical spectacle. We warn you: you will be amazed!

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Take a picture in the hammocks of Holbox

If you are looking for a picture of Holbox on the internet, you will surely find someone's lying in a hammock in the middle of the sea. In these famous hanging beds you can relax and rest on the calm and crystalline waters of the holboxeño sea. Don't forget to get yourself a refreshing drink before the experience is complete!

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Enjoy the exquisite gastronomic proposal of Holbox

In Holbox the most delicious cuisine awaits you. You cannot leave the island without trying the local delicacies such as lobster pizza, coconut-fried shrimp or fish accompanied by mango. In addition to the restaurants, there is a local market with food stalls prepared at the time and international options.

Photo: Tseng Tou
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Go fishing in the Holbox Sea

Test your fishing skills in the Caribbean Sea. On the boat, with the same fish you catch, they will cook you one of the freshest ceviches you can taste in your whole life. As the island based its economy on fishing for a long time, excursions abound in this practice.

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Explore Holbox by bike or golf cart

One of the best and most authentic ways to get to know the island is by bicycle. Get lost in its beautiful sandy streets or its dream beaches.

Also, you can rent a golf cart, the official Holbox transport. They also work as taxis so, if you want to be taken to a certain place, just ask for one. The golf cart is an excellent option if you travel with a group of friends or family, to carry supplies and personal belongings.

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Practice Paddle Board in Holbox

Holbox water is like a sheet of calm water that allows you to paddle surf. In this fun activity, suitable for adults and children, paddles stand on a surfboard. Only a minimum balance is required to enjoy the experience. Undoubtedly, the falls in the water will not be missing, especially at the beginning, but in the heat of the sun and effort, who bothers to cool off?

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Meet Punta Mosquitos in Holbox

Punta Mosquitos is located right at one of the tips of the island. We highly recommend you visit it. While most of you get here by golf cart or bike, you can walk. Just consider that in the last section you will have to walk yes or yes. Local authorities arranged it this way because turtles usually spawn their eggs in the area. If you're lucky to see it, please don't touch them.

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Meet with Punta Cocos in Holbox

Punta Cocos is another must-see on the island. It is only 2.5 kilometers from the town so you can go on foot, by golf cart or bicycle. It is another point of the island (the other is Punta Mosquitos). You will find a lot of peace and a paradise beach where the water is extremely calm.