What is the best time to travel to Holbox?

March / April

It's a good date to visit the island. The hot weather and there is low chance of rain. Note: April 4 to 19 celebrates the Patron Saint of San Telmo González.

May / June

This period is ideal for visiting Holbox. The weather is hot, there is little chance of rain and the water is warm. In these two months you can swim with the whale shark. From June you can swim with bioluminescence. To consider: being high season, the price of hotels and flights is higher.

July / August

From July until the end of August, the rainy season begins. On this date you can swim with the whale shark . In these two months you can swim with bioluminescence.

September / October / November

Hurricane season.

December / January / February

They are usually cooler months. There is a possibility that several cloudy days will touch you. At night it will cool a lot. Note: in March the Carnival is celebrated in Holbox.


When should I travel to Holbox?

The best date to travel to Holbox is from May to mid-June.

More about Holbox Carnival

As we said earlier, in March the Carnival is celebrated in Holbox. In this colorful and joyful event, groups made up of locals and tourists of all ages are held. The festival ends with the burning of Juan Carnaval and the reading of his will that will end the festivities of this year and will mark the beginning of Lent.

More about the "Patron Feast of San Telmo González"

From April 4 to 19, the Patron Saint of fishermen is honored in Holbox with small celebrations where food from the sea is shared. A fair is held with games and attractions for children, food stalls, handicrafts and products sold in the region. On the last day, fishermen on the island make a procession by sea.