How to get to Chiquilá by Car?

Many tourists rent a car to tour the area of the Riviera Maya. So, another common option is to get to Chiquilá driving. Remember that, as we advanced previously, to go to Holbox you must leave Chiquilá.

Because cars are not allowed in Holbox, you will need to get a parking lot in Chiquilá (they cost USD 3 per day). It is a common practice so you will find several places that will take care of your car until you return from the island.

Travel by car to Chiquilá

  • From Cancún: 1:50 hours.
  • From Tulum: 2:30 hours.
  • From Isla Mujeres: 3:00 hours (including boat crossing).
  • From Mérida: 03:45 hours.
  • From Playa del Carmen: 02:00 hours.
  • From Campeche: 05:15 hours.

When you arrive in Chiquilá with your car, you must park it and head towards the dock. To learn more, follow the steps in the following link.