Take the three islands tour from Holbox

One of the most popular boat excursions is the 3 islands tour. With this walk you will be able to know the hundreds of birds of Isla Pájaros, snorkel in the cenote of Yalahau and end the day in the paradise Island of the Passion. With any luck you can see dolphins and manta rays from your boat. If you go to Holbox, you cannot miss this excursion.

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Isla Pájaros

As the name implies (Bird Island, in Spanish), this island is home to a wide variety of birds. More than 150 species of endemic species enjoy this natural habitat, some only in specific seasons and others permanently. Among the types of birds that can be observed are the white ibis, the frigate, the reddish egrets, the white pelicans, the gray pelicans, as well as flamingos and storks in specific seasons. The island is 30 minutes from Holbox by boat.

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Cenote Yalahau

Discover this natural spring water pool surrounded by mangroves and vegetation. You can snorkel and see countless colorful fish while swimming in its crystal clear waters. Legend has it that the water of Yalahau has magical properties, making its visitors rejuvenate. In addition, this mysterious area was the port of the Mayan civilization and pirate dispute area. Without a doubt, there is more than one reason to know this place that, for many, is a must.

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Isla de la Pasión

This small island (Passion Island, in Spanish) is 15 minutes from Holbox. Its soft sand and pristine beaches are the ideal setting to relax and admire the peace of the place. Here you will not find the slightest trace of civilization.