I already arrived in Chiquilá, now what do I do?

Congratulations, you are getting closer to paradise! When you arrive in Chiquilá, you must head towards the pier. It is about 3 minutes walk. Once there, you have two options to get to Holbox:

Option 01: Ferry

There are only two ferry companies that make the trip to the island: “3 brothers” (blue color) and “Holbox Express” (red color).

  • Cost: Both companies charge approximately USD 8 to the island (one way).
  • Schedule: From 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Departures every half hour.
  • Where? Tickets are purchased at the company's box office, at the dock.
  • Travel Time: approximately 25 minutes to Holbox.

Option 02: Boat

The second option to arrive is through a fishing boat. You will be charged exactly the same as the ferry, that is USD 8 to the island (one way). The benefit is that they do not handle strict schedules so it can be a good option if you did not get to take the ferry.


What suits me? Ferry or boat?

Both options are good and cost the same. You just have to consider that the boat trip is a bit more "adventure" because it hits harder with the waves. On the ferry, you can relax more, sunbathe up or be air conditioned inside.